Welcome to the Consolidants Toolkit

This site is an online resource which provides guidance and support for those wishing to determine the presence and performance of consolidant treatments on heritage sandstone structures and buildings.

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The Consolidants Toolkit is an EPSRC-funded project hosted by The University of Oxford.

Using Scientific Methods on Heritage Sandstone

This toolkit introduces a range of established and well-understood instruments and methods for the collection of performance data in heritage sandstone. These methods focus on the assessment of moisture in the near-surface area of the building stone as a means of assessing the presence of consolidants.

Analysing and Presenting Data

In addition to guidance on experimental design and collection of data, resources contained within this site offer advice on good practice in the organisation and processing of the data you will collect, as well as demonstrating a range of presentation styles for sharing results.

Who is this project for?

This online resource contains video and text instructions for a range of data collection techniques and is designed for the use of trained professionals such as conservators and building surveyors, as well as those employed in the management of heritage assets. Anyone undertaking these experiments does so entirely at their own risk.


Technical Guidance